Local Christian Science

BIBLE STUDY: All are invited to join our group, which will meet next on Thursday Aug. 18 at 7 pm, via zoom.

Focus: The book of James in New Testament. 

For information on how to join by phone or computer, see the “services” tab on this website. The connection used for the church service will also work for Bible study.  Study tools: In addition to online Bible research websites, you can buy or study various Bible translations or reference books at our Christian Science Reading Room in downtown Rockville. The translations are available in English and other languages.

“How spiritual perception brings healing” — an inspirational web talk by Alex Fischer
Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Christian Science is about being willing to challenge one’s world view as largely matter-based and to be open to seeing the world as spiritually based, says Alex Fischer, a Christian Science practitioner and the speaker for this event. Christian Science allows us to experience how this change in perspective brings inner peace and healing. It is about understanding Christ Jesus’ message in a non-dogmatic way and understanding more clearly our relationship with God, infinite good, bringing healing, harmony, and freedom to our life. Click here to watch the replay of the talk or learn more about it.

Hear Accounts of Healing Online and Over the Phone …

Every week you can listen via phone or the Internet to a program that offers insightful interviews and inspiring discussions on how God’s laws apply to current events and individual challenges today. The full podcast can be heard over the phone in English at 202-658-7855 (any normal phone charges may apply) or online at https://sentinel.christianscience.com/sentinel-audio/sentinel-watch
El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana, a Spanish program, can be heard on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. on “Radio America” 900 AM or at the same hour on the website www.radioamerica.net or by phone at 605-562-7273. It can also be heard 24/7 by phone at 202-658-7855, or by radio at 11 AM Saturdays (information at the link below). 
For more information about Christian Science in the Washington, DC area, please go to www.christiansciencedc.org