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The BIBLE STUDY group will hold its discussion on October 11th following the Sunday service by teleconference.  We will be finishing up healing work by Jesus disciples on the list below,  with healings of numbers 11 – 13. After October, we will select a new study topic. We hope you join us.


All are recorded in the book of Acts – this is the chronological order in Acts.  We are following the book New Testament Healings:  Peter, Paul, and Friends by Beebe, Carroll, Fischer  CSPS 2003 for research.

  1. Peter and John heal lame man – Acts 3: 1-11
  2. Stephen heals many people – Acts 6: 8
  3. Philip heals illness, paralysis and lameness – Acts 8: 5-8
  4. Ananias heals Saul of blindness – Acts 9: 1-19; Acts 22: 3-16; Acts 26: 4-18
  5. Peter heals Aeneas of paralysis – Acts 9: 32-35
  6. Peter restores Tabitha to life – Acts 9: 36-42
  7. Barnabus heals many people – Acts 14: 1-3
  8. Paul heals man of lameness – Acts 14: 8 -10
  9. Paul heals himself of injuries – Acts 14: 19-20
  10. Paul heals young girl of mental illness – Acts 16: 16-18
  11. Paul restores Eutychus to life – Acts 20: 6-12
  12. Paul heals self of snakebite – Acts 28: 1-6
  13. Paul heals Publius of illness – Acts 28: 7-10


There is a Book Series that was published by GENERAL PUBLICATIONS   BIBLE PRODUCTS, CSPS    Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 2002

The fourth book in the series is New Testament Healings Peter, Paul, and Friends. The Bible Study group is following the order given in this book and using it as a reference.

Check TyndaleArchive.com – which will take you to various translations.

Translations from most word for word to most thought for thought. This biblestudytools.com list and the website do not include all translations available. For example, J.B. Phillips not there but it is in the tyndalearchive.com.

Word for word translations:

  • New American Standard Bible (1995 update)
  • Amplified Bible (1965)
  • English Standard Version
  • King James Version (1611, revised 1769)
  • New King James Version (1982)
  • Holman Christian Standard Version (2004)

Middle approach of word and thought

  • New Revised Standard Version (1989)
  • New American Bible (Catholic, 1970,1986 and 1991)
  • New Jerusalem Bible (Catholic, 1966, 1986)
  • New International Version (1984)
  • Today’s New International Version (2001, 2005)

Thought for thought

  • Version
  • New Living Translation (1996, 2004)
  • New International reader’s Version
  • Good News Translation (Good News Bible)
  • Contemporary English Version
  • Living Bible (1950)
  • The Message (1991-2000s)

We hope to see you there. All are welcome.

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